Column of Colour 101

Column of Colour 101

If you have been following this blog for a while you will have seen posts on colour and posts on style. If you want to know how to bring them together, well a Column of Colour is one way.

Column of Colour

A Column of Colour is where you wear either a top or a topper in the same colour as your bottoms (trousers or skirt).

Because you are wearing one colour from head to toe (or knee to neck) it creates a long vertical line which the eye can skim over, which makes you look taller.

Body Shape and Columns of Colours

So where does style come in? Style comes in with your body shape and body variations. (Don’t know your body shape yet? Check out Body Shape 101).

If you want to hide you tummy or lack or a waist, wear a top the same colour as your bottoms. This is called an Inner Column of Colour.

Inner Column of Colour.jpg

Inner Column of Colour

Good for people with H and O body shapes.

If you want to hide your thighs, then wear a wear a top the same colour as your bottoms. This is called an Outer Column of Colour.

Outer Column of Colour.jpg

Outer Column of Colour

Good for people with A, X and 8 body shapes.

Tip: If you have a body variation you may want to vary from the standard recommendations.

For example, I am an H but I have solid thighs (body variation) and an undefined waist (it is there, but only just) so I and am happy wearing both an Inner and an Outer Column of Colour.


Why wear a column of colour?

Look Taller

As the column of colour draws the eye up and down the body it makes you look taller, which is great if you are petite (under 5’ 4” or 163cm).

Look Slimmer

As the eye isn’t stopping on the way, attention isn’t drawn to your waist (inner) or thighs (outer) column, so you look slimmer.

You can maximise this slimming effect with by:

  • Making your column darker than the rest of your outfit, as in the first example.

  • Making the column in your palette, even if the rest of your outfit isn’t. It the column matches your face, your face will keep the eye moving up and less attention is drawn the areas where you don’t want attention.

Making a Column of Colour

Making a column of colour sounds simple, but sometimes when you go to your wardrobe you will find that you don’t have bottoms and a top or bottoms and a topper that go together. So how do you make a column of colour without spending a fortune?

Tip: Colours don’t have to be an exact match.

If you look closely at the first picture, you will see that my top is a print top and is slightly lighter than my trousers, although both are teal. The print contains the colour of my jacket so it ties the outfit together. But more importantly, you don’t really notice the print from a distance so it still has that slimming effect.

Pack - Backup Outfit - Spicy H - Colour and Image Consultant.jpg

Outer Column of Colour

In this example, the top is lighter than my jeans, but it is close enough to create an elongating effect.

Tip: Use a Dress or a Jumpsuit to Create and Inner Column of Colour

If matching a top and a bottom sounds like too much hard work, just grab a dress or a jump suit to create an inner column of colour.

Pack - Leaf Skirt - Spicy - H - Colour and Image Consultant - Gina.jpg

Inner Column of Colour

Here’s another example of an inner column of colour. The matching print skirt and top create a column.

Tip: If you can’t match the colour, match the value.

If you don’t have a top or topper in the same colour as your bottoms, match the value of your bottoms. This works best when the colours are darker or softened with grey rather than with clear colours. The aim is to ensure that you don’t create an obvious line where your top or topper hits your bottoms.

Inner Column of Colour

An inner column using matching tights as well as a topper in a similar value.

Over to you

Do you use a column of colour? Are you like me and mix and match inner and outer (and non-column) outfits or do you stick to one? '

If you haven’t used an inner column before, will you try one this week?

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