5 Reasons to Take a Daily Outfit Photo

5 Reasons to Take a Daily Outfit Photo

August 19 August, 2019 is World Photography Day.

I use a lot of outfit photos in my blogs and they are a great tool to improve your style. Here are 5 reasons why you should too.

1. Photos are more Objective than Mirrors.

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all?’ We are all familiar with the quote from Snow White where the mirror can’t lie and who is the most beautiful, but when we look in the mirror it is easy to see what we want to see. For some people, that’s our flaws. For others that’s what’s working. Our eyes more quickly around the image and it is difficult to focus on anything for long.

With a photo, we can take a more objective look at ourselves. Plus, with a mirror our image is reversed, so we never truely see us as other people do.

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Style Tip

Reverse photos taken in a mirror to see what other people see.

2. A Record of What Works

Photos are a great way of keeping a record of which outfits work for you. When you are in a hurry in the morning - maybe you have spilled something on what you planned to wear - or when you are packing for a time you can quickly see what outfits work and pull together everything you need for a polished look.

3. And a Record of What Doesn’t

Photos also provide a record of what doesn’t work, so that you know what to avoid in the future. While this can also be useful when getting dressed, the real value of having a record of what doesn’t work (and why) is when shopping. Keeping a record of what length of skirt, shorts and capris works or what sleeve lengths work and don’t work etc is a great way of saving time and money when shopping. If you know something isn’t going to work you don’t need to waste time trying it on and you won’t buy it without trying it on only to have it sit in your cupboard later.

4. A Record of How Your Style Evolves Over Time.

One of the best uses of a daily outfit photo is to see how your style is evolving over time. It is easy to miss the small changes that mean you are progressing to a style that is authentically you - or how your style preferences are changing over time. With a record of your daily outfit photos you can see how your style is evolving.

5. To Save Money

Once you know what you like, it is easy to be drawn to duplicates of the same item. If this is deliberate, that’s fantastic. However, many people by the same or very similar things over and over because they love it and then get bored with their wardrobes. Some common examples are navy jumpers (or sweaters), red shoes, tan handbags, and silver or gold chains.

Whether you want to flick through your outfit photos or store all your clothes in an app, having photos of your outfits can help you remember what’s already in your wardrobe when you are out shopping.

Now Over to You

Do you already take a daily outfit photo? If not then what better time to start than World Photography Day on 19 August.

I would love to see your photo. You can email them to me or you are willing to share your photo on social media you can find me on facebook or tag on on instagram with @basic2beyoutiful. I’ll share some of my daily outfit photos there too.


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