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I’ve already saved money by recognising what actually works for me and my current body type.
— C.

Colour Consultation

I offer two options for colour consultations. A mini-consultation for $25 that is a great introduction to colour and a 2-3 hours consultation for $250. A mini-consultation takes about 1/2 hour consultation to find your perfect colours. Both include colour draping, two wallet sized colour cards to help you find things in your colours, and a review of images of items you are considering. With a full consultation you also get a colour swatch with approximately 50 of your best colours, your value and colour contrast, make-up review, training in how to use this information to find clothes that work with your natural colouring, and a guide book to take home so you don’t have to remember a thing.


Matching your clothes to your body shape can make you look taller and thinner, camoflague those area you want to hide and highlight your favourite features.

A style consultation looks at how your body shape, body proportions, face shape, and body features come together to impact what styles of clothes suit you and your personality best.

There’s a lot to cover so set aside plenty of time after our 2-3 hr session to reflect on what you have learnt.


A wardrobe consultation is a very flexible service that can range from helping you pack for a trip, make your the clothes that make you look BeYouTiful easier to find, help you pull together new and interesting outfits, and/or identify wardrobe gaps.

Before starting a wardrobe audit we will do a lifestyle analysis to discover what you need in your wardrobe and discover your style recipe to find out what you need and determine your style recipe to put the You in BeYouTiful.


A 2hr personal shopping trip.

We start with a chat over coffee the day before to determine your shopping priorities.

The next day I do all the hard work for you and scout the shops to find the best options available to meet your needs before we meet up again. We’ll review my finds and start shopping - I’ll carry the bags and may even be able to find you an extra discount of two .

We will still going to multiple shops and trying on many items so wear comfortable slip-on shoes, good underwear, and clothes that are easy to take on and off. Bring your heels in a may if you want to try things on with them.

Get maximum value from your shopping trip by doing a colour consultation and wardrobe audit beforehand.